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  1. Can you get rid of bags or puffiness under my eyes?

    This is a really common question. Our CACI eye treatment will help to minimise bags, puffiness and dark circles. 

  2. How can I get rid of pigmentation in my skin?

    We offer IPL skin rejuvenation which is really effective at reducing pigmentation. As well as the IPL we also have the Comfort Zone Sublime ultra glow double peeling facial to brighten and treat hyperpigmentation and melasma. We also advise to use brightening products such as comfort zones Regimen Vit C Booster / brightening concentrate and the sublime range.  

  3. I have really dry skin – what treatments/products should I use?

    For dry skin we would really recommend the hydramemory products and facial. However if the dryness is caused by sun exposure and/or pollution we recommend the recover touch facial to get your skin back to it’s former beauty.