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Aura Health & Beauty

is proud to be an

Authorised Ellipse Clinic

Very Limited Offer

50% OFF Ellipse Photo Skin Rejuvenation

If you suffer from any of the following age and sun related skin problems, a single treatment can often be vastly superior to multiple chemical peels, multiple micro dermabrasion treatments and use of any topical anti-ageing product. See a thread vein disappear in 16 seconds  

Thread veins

Uneven pigmentation

Exposed areas of sun accelerated skin aging

Rosacea (reddening of the face or neck, often worse during stress or after alcohol)


General age related skin blemishes

We can often make a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your skin after a single treatment. Optimum results are achieved through a course

50% OFF Photo Skin Rejuvenation

Special Offer from as little as only £125 per treatment!

Sun damage is often most noticeable as your summer tan fades

November is also the best and most effective time to start a photo skin rejuvenation treatment because it is over the winter that we can best target imperfections

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this very limited offer!

Call us today - 01249 730174

Personalised Ellipse photo skin rejuvenation courses are perhaps the most advanced treatments that we offer. We use exactly the same machine that is used by leading dermatologists in medical establishments around the world, including the NHS, to aesthetically treat sun and age damaged skin.

We are an authorised and fully certified Ellipse clinic. Our training and certification was received in Hammersmith in 2011 and is updated by in-house Ellipse training days. Our system has the latest software updates for state of the art personalisation to your specific skin requirements.

Our Ellipse machine costs almost £40,000 new, with the photo heads alone costing £5,000 to replace. The advanced water cooling head technology, light wave filtering and skin personalisation capability is, in our opinion, in a class of its own.

We offer what we believe is the best photo rejuvenation system available anywhere. Ellipse is a Danish specialised medical equipment manufacturer complying with strict UK and European standards.

The Ellipse photo skin treatments we offer are CLINICALLY PROVEN, SAFE AND EFFECTIVE.

Skin appearance, particularly blemishes and pigmentation, may appear more pronounced immediately after treatment. This is expected and is normally followed by significant fading and even disappearance over the following days. Thread veins are often visibly improved immediately - see a thread vein disappear in 16 seconds

Photo skin rejuvenation generally stimulates collagen production and causes blood vessels below the epidermis to constrict, reducing redness and age lines. Most benefits of a photo skin rejuvenation treatment occur gradually in the weeks following treatment.

See a typical treatment video:

Décolletage treatment (upper chest and neck - sun damage)

Facial Photo Rejuvenation treatment

Thread Vein (telangiectasias) treatment    See a thread vein disappear in 16 seconds

Diffuse Redness treatment

Couperose (redness) treatment

Acne Vulgaris treatment (clearer complexion without antibiotics)

Before and After - six minute video of numerous examples

About Ellipse Photo Skin Rejuvenation