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Aura is proud to be an authorised DECLÉOR Salon. We provide the full DECLÉOR range of treatments and carry most

of the DECLÉOR product range in stock.

DECLÉOR Treatments and Products

At the very heart of DECLÉOR’s success and philosophy is the AROMESSENCE™.

These concentrated elixirs of potent Essential Oils are formulated for either the face or body. Exceptionally finely balanced so they give optimum results every time, each AROMESSENCE™ is 100% pure, 100% natural, 100% active and 100% preservative free.

The AROMESSENCE™ not only has an exceptional affinity with the skin, easily penetrating to treat it at the deepest point, but also acts as a ‘booster’ to any subsequent products used.

Being rare and therefore highly prized, aromatic plants and Essential Oils have been used successfully for thousands of years.

With their use documented amongst ancient civilisations for anything from religious ceremonies and as medicines to beauty preparations for skin and hair and even in cooking, Essential Oils formed an integral part of the traditions of most early cultures.

However, it was only in 1928 that the term ‘aromatherapy’ was actually coined. French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé, who was working in his family’s perfumery business, became fascinated with the Essential Oils’ therapeutic uses after accidentally discovering that lavender oil rapidly helped to heal a severe burn to his hand.

Gattefossé was followed in his studies by French scientist and doctor Dr Jean Valnet who went on to treat a range of medical and psychiatric problems with the aid of Essential Oils. Marguerite Maury established the reputation of aromatherapy in beauty by opening the first aromatherapy ‘clinics’ in France, Switzerland and Britain.

It was a mere seven years after Maury’s death that DECLÉOR was officially born in Paris, becoming the first beauty company to actively begin uniting the science and art of using plant oils in aromatherapy products and treatments.

There are three important ways in which these potent plant extracts can enhance our bodies and our well-being.

Through massage they are able to enter the bloodstream, causing positive chemical changes in the body. They then have a profound effect on the body, able to stimulate or relax, soothe or revitalise, subject to the oils used. The simple act of inhaling the essence also causes your body and emotions to respond differently.



By carefully studying and documenting the use of thousands of Essential Oils, DECLÉOR now boasts the most comprehensive and ecologically sound range of aromatherapy and phytotherapy (plant based) beauty products.

Aside from their ability to discover and catalogue new and unusual botanical / plant and flower ingredients, DECLÉOR’s team of scientists formulate many different combinations and quantities of oils to find the most potent cocktail of ingredients to remedy countless skin conditions and effects. Quality is a fundamental component of DECLÉOR’s ethos - nothing is synthetic, and nothing is tested on animals either.

In order to ensure that each and every product – from an Aromessence™ to a foot cream – is totally safe and extremely effective, every new product is scientifically and medically assessed to ensure optimum tolerance with your skin. A team of beauty specialists then thoroughly tests each texture, each fragrance, each application, to double check the product is absolutely perfect for its purpose.

DECLÉOR, Science and Nature

DECLÉOR Facial and Body Treatments

Please see our price list for a description of each of our DECLÉOR treatments for the face and body.

We are experts in the use of DECLÉOR products and can adapt any treatment to compliment the specific needs of your skin. We can also give you specialised advice on products for use at home - just ask!