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Caudalie was born in 1993 after a chance meeting between Mathilde Thomas, the owner of Château Smith Haut Lafitte, and Professor Joseph Vercauteren. “Do you know that you are throwing away treasures” Professor Vercauteren said to Mathilde. He then revealed the amazing anti-oxidant powers of grapevine and grape Polyphenols.

Caudalie and Professor Vercauteren now hold major worldwide patents on key ingredients derived from the grapevine. A world class specialist in Polyphenols, Professor Vercauteren is Professor of pharmacognosy at the Pharmacy School in Montpellier. Associated with the CNRS (French national centre for scientific research) it perhaps explains the high regard held by pharmacies across France for the Caudalie name.

The science behind Caudalie is impressive, and so are the products. We’re not saying that they are right for everyone, no product range can claim that, but Caudalie is different and definitely worth trying.

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We at Aura Health & Beauty are more excited about Caudalie than any other product range we’ve ever offered!

During a recent trip to France my daughter became ill, causing us to visit a lot of pharmacies. In every pharmacy I went to, Caudalie was there - and every pharmacist seemed to rave about them.

Eventually I bought a few Caudalie products to try, and to my surprise I was impressed - REALLY IMPRESSED!

Caudalie is conceptually different to the large brand names. A family business, their products are based on vine extracts from French vineyards.

We are so pleased to be one of the first Caudalie Salons in the UK. Their treatments are as good as their products and we’d love you to be surprised by them, as I was!

Want to know just one example of a Caudalie patented ingredient?

Viniferine (patent Nº  WO2007/006881) - 62 times more effective than vitamin C in reducing the appearance of spots and revealing radiant skin. Entirely natural ingredient derived from grapevine sap. It suits all skin types, even the most sensitive, as well as all skin tones - dark skin to lighter Caucasian skin types all benefit.

If you tend to go lighter or darker on areas of your skin, or suffer from dark spots or uneven pigmentation, then try a Caudalie product with this ingredient.  Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum Correction Complexion is the nº1 anti-dark spot product sold in pharmacies in France, according to IMS France.

Radiance and Anti-dark spots

See Viniferine (patent Nº WO2007/006881) discussed above

Anti-oxidant and Anti-hyaluronidase

Grape Polyphenols (patent Nº WO9429404)

The most powerful anti-oxidants in the plant world, they fight free radicals (UV, pollution, stress, etc) that are responsible for 80% of aging

Anti-wrinkle and Firming and Anti-glycation

Grapevine Stalk Resveratrol  (patent Nº WO2009/063440)

Stimulates collagen and elastin production, stops glycation (responsible for deep wrinkles) at its source and redensifies the skin

Moisturising and Soothing

Organic Grape Water

Plant water rich in trace elements, vitamins and moisturising poly saccharides


Grape Oil

A priceless treasure from the vine, grape oil contains a high concentration of omega 6 and vitamin E which gives it nourishing and regenerating properties



Extracted from wine yeast, it reinforces the skin’s immune defences

Important Caudalie Ingredients

No Parabens, no Phenoxyethanol, no Phthalates, no mineral oils, no sodium laureth sulphate, no synthetic dyes, no GMO’s, no paraffin, no raw material of animal origin, no animal testing.

Caudalie packaging is made of 100% recycled paper or plant based plastic. Ecocert approved minimising of preservatives. 1% of worldwide turnover (remember that turnover is much greater than profit) is donated to environmental associations. Caudalie contributes to the protection of 36,000 hectares of forest on the island of Sumatra - home of 65 tigers, 225 Asian elephants and 130 orangutans. 150,000 trees replanted in the Amazon. 200,000 trees planted in Brazil.

Caudalie treatments perfected and previously offered only in the exclusive world famous Vinothérapie® Spas and Boutiques are now offered by Aura Health and Beauty.

More information about Caudalie products and treatments can be found on our Caudalie video page - click here